Surya Logam Perkasa

We provide a variety of Wrought Iron Ornament and Ornament Scor Alluminium. With a variety of models and shapes like, for the center at the Gate or Fence, leaf motifs, tail motifs, accessories, crowns at the Gate or Fence, shoot, Master Mast, or fingers on the stairs.

We also accept the services of wrought iron assembly for Gate, Fence, Staircase, Balcony, Tralis, and for assembling Garden Chair, Cafe Table, and others.

We also provide a variety of iron bending, as well as receive bending making services.

Central sales of alluminium cast iron ornament and various other accessories for wrought iron needs. receive the services of wrought iron assembly with various models of interior and acterior needs of the house.

Specialist, Casting, Ornament, Lathe

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